About Harvest

Harvest is the name of the Christian band formed by Jerry Williams in 1977 and disbanded in 1995.  The original three members of the band were Williams, Ed Kerr (pronounced "Carr"), and Paul Wilbur.  Wilbur was with the band through 1981, around which time it was reformed as a duo of Williams and Kerr.  This was the case until 1990, when Kerr left the group.  Williams then released three more albums under the band name, "Jerry Williams and Harvest."

Harvest released a total of 14 albums and 2 music videos during their tenure.  Two of Harvest's albums were compilations:  "The Best of Harvest" and "The Early Works".  Harvest's two music videos were:  "A Call to Action" and "Let's Fight (For a Generation)".  On this site you'll also find videos of a live concert performed by Harvest in Dallas, Texas.

For those looking to purchase Harvest's music, a good place to start is on Jerry Williams' EPIC Ministries website - where many Harvest albums are available for a donation!  Albums are available for download as .mp3s or can be purchased on CD.  To purchase the original albums, it is recommended to look on eBay and Amazon.  If you're still having trouble finding music by Harvest, take a look at Sweet-Music, where most of Harvest's albums are available for sale.  These sites should help you find what you're looking for. 

If you currently own a Harvest album in either vinyl or cassette format, and are having difficulties converting these formats to digital formats, such as .mp3 - please contact us.  If you have the original albums in analog format, we can e-mail or mail you the digital versions for archive copies.  Please send a message with such requests, and understand that we are happy to help as time permits.

Those of you looking to network with other fans of Harvest, check out the Facebook Harvest page, or the Harvest fans group.  For those of you looking for more information on the band and its history, visit the Wikipedia Harvest page.  Lastly, those of you who would like more information on Jerry Williams' current music offerings, take a look at his EPIC Ministries website and/or his MySpace page.

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If you have any Harvest material you believe would be an addition to this website, please contact the webmasters.  We are especially interested in videos featuring the band.  Also, feel free to fill us in with facts about the band that we may not know!

We trust this website allows you to richly experience Harvest's music and to fall in love (or deeper in love) with the Lord!  We hope you do/will enjoy Harvest's music as much as we already do!

God bless!