Jerry Williams

The following is an excerpt from Jerry's EPIC Ministries website:

Prolific. One word that completely illustrates Jerry Williams. With over 40 years of ministry experience, Jerry continues to pursue with great passion the purpose of God for his life and the life of others. Founder and voice of the Contemporary Christian Music group, Harvest, Jerry traveled the world for 20 years spreading the Gospel. With 19 albums on his discography, Jerry continues to write and minister in the anointing of the Psalmist.

In 1998, the Lord commissioned Jerry to go to His leaders and EPIC Ministries, Inc. was the result.  Co-founded with his wife, Donna, Jerry ministers to other ministry/church  pastors and  leaders around the country as a catalyst for passion and purpose in their lives to live the Great Commission to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel and make disciples”.

A powerful speaker as well as a psalmist, Jerry has written a discipleship manual, “Warriors Arise”, as well as commentaries on the books of Ephesians and Colossians. His life’s mantra is “to finish strong for the Glory of God!”