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1988 - Live in Concert

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Videos from the concert

1.  Holy, Holy, Holy

2.  The Battle is the Lord's

3.  The Blood of the Lamb

4.  All That is in Me (Intro)

5.  All That is in Me

6.  You Are My Keeper

7.  I Will Worship the Lord

8.  Choose You This Day

9.  The Army of the Lord

10.  If We Don't Believe (Send Us to the World)

11.  Get Me to the River (Intro)

12.  Get Me to the River

13.  Children, Things We Throw Away

14.  Because I Am

15.  Alleluia

16.  Great Jehovah

17.  Search Me, O God

18.  Wash Me, Lord (Intro)

19.  Wash Me, Lord

20.  I Am Your Father (Intro)

21.  I Am Your Father

22.  Voices

23.  Give Them Back (Intro)

24.  Give Them Back